Have you ever heard of Brozine ? Widely used in most of the United States until the mide 1900's, Brozine was typically made from brass and was referred to as  " Company Money " which was paid to company workers and which was redeemable in goods and services in the company stores. Interestingly, in neighboring Louisiana, the currency was referred to as “ Plantation Money ”.   By far the largest, “Company store” in our area was the C&R Store ( Crosby and Rowlands ) located on Highway 11. This store was noted to be the largest independent store in south Mississippi and offered for sale everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to mule harnesses. This was by far the most famous of the stores owned and operated primarily by the Crosby family. A photo of one of their paper shopping bags is shown above, as are the examples of " Brozine ".  Additional information on this subject is available at Facebook site of our local historical society, " The Pearl River County Historical Society "

The following two images show the " Crosby Store " and " The C & R Store " the first photograph shows the " Crosby Store " in the background. This image was taken after the Crosby family gained full control of the Goodyear Yellow Pine Lumber Company in 1929 from Laumont Rowlands. The other photograph is dated 1928 and notes the location of the store as Harvey Avenue. This was prior to U.S. Highway 11's construction.  Adjacent to the store is a small clothing store and on the corner ( Putman Automotive's locaton today ) is a hotel.